Evangelistic Articles

Connecting With the Divine
Marilyn Adamson
An article that discusses Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and New Age; their main characteristics and perspectives on God, humanity and salvation.

How to Pick Your Own God
John Gay
An article that looks at the optimal attributes for a God and which religion has a God that we would naturally find attractive.

Is There a God?
Marilyn Adamson
A discussion of the evidence for God's existence. Simple, straightforward reasons that would lead one to conclude there is a God.

Beyond Blind Faith
Paul E. Little
Is there a man in human history who claimed to be God and backed up those claims? Has any man ever conquered death and risen from the dead? This article looks at the claims and life of Jesus Christ. Who was he? What did he do?

Other Religions and Cults

Pat Zukeran
For centuries, Buddhism has been the dominant religion of the Eastern world. Today it remains the predominant religion in China, Japan, Korea, and much of southeast Asia.

Hinduism: A Christian Perspective
Rick Rood
Though Hinduism may seem far removed from our everyday experience, it's becoming increasingly important that we as Christians understand this mysterious religion from India.

Parveen Singh
A broad study of Islam, looking at its background, origins, pillars of faith, articles of faith, and differing viewpoints on the Person of Jesus Christ.

What Is Islam?
Rick Rood
It's not every day that religion appears as a front page story in today's newspapers, particularly on a regular basis. But over the past 20 years one religion has made the front page perhaps more than any other.

Unity School of Christianity
Russ Wise
The Unity School of Christianity is a classic new age cult. It has the appearance of being Christian; however, it holds pantheistic or new age beliefs at its core. Unity was founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore in 1889, and was later incorporated as a church in 1903 by the Unity Society of Practical Christianity in Kansas City.

Jehovah's Witnesses: Witnessing to the Witnesses
Patrick Zukeran
One of the most aggressive and fastest growing cults is the Jehovah's Witnesses. Today they have a worldwide organization that numbers about 3.5 million members operating in 205 countries. Several factors account for this rapid growth.

Mormon Beliefs About the Bible and Salvation
Russ Wise
Mormonism has become America's most successful home-grown religion. An April 1987 news brief in the Dallas Morning News reveals a nine percent rise in the conversion rate to Mormonism.

Mormon Beliefs about Prophecy, Heaven, and Celestial Marriage
Russ Wise
Missionaries for the Mormon Church have converted millions of people to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by convincing them that the Book of Mormon is true and superior to the Bible.

Is Mormonism Christian?
Michael Davis
This is a series of documents about Mormonism, written by a Christian professor who is an ex-Mormon. It compares essential Mormon and Christian doctrines.

Christian Particularism

Do All Paths Lead to the Same Destination?
Keith E. Johnson
Is it possible that Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc. represent differing, yet valid, paths to the same destination? This article examines arguments for and against the claim that all paths lead to the same destination.

"No Other Name": A Middle Knowledge Perspective on the Exclusivity of Salvation Through Christ
William Lane Craig
The conviction of the New Testament writers was that there is no salvation apart from Jesus. This orthodox doctrine is widely rejected today because God's condemnation of persons in other world religions seems incompatible with various attributes of God.

The Christian Attitude Toward Non-Christian Religions
Rick Rood
Few facts have become more evident in our lifetime than the fact that we live in a pluralistic world and society.

World Views
Jerry Solomon
Many books have been written on the subject of world views from both Christian and non-Christian perspectives. Ideally speaking, only one world view can correctly mirror reality.

A Three-Pronged Defense of Salvific Exclusivism in a World of Religions
Brad Johnson
The author defines and examines the basic arguments behind the classical approaches to other religions, exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism. Of primary interest are the validity of inherent "truth claims" in each religion. He concludes that, within a Christian paradigm, a re-defined exclusivisism meets an established philosophical, biblical, and ethical criteria, thus providing reasonability and warrant.

John Hick's Pluralistic Hypothesis and the Problem of Conflicting Truth-Claims
Keith E. Johnson
How is one to view the myriad of religions that exist in the world today? For many years this question has occupied the attention of philosopher John Hick.

Politically Incorrect Salvation
William Lane Craig
Contemporary religious pluralism regards the traditional Christian doctrine of salvation through Christ alone as unconscionable. The problem seems to be that the existence of an all-loving and all-powerful God seems incompatible with the claim that persons who do not hear and embrace the gospel of salvation through Christ will be damned.