Saved While on a Mormon Mission

Christopher Nyman

When I joined the Mormon Church I thought I was joining a Christian Church. I was wrong. I first came into contact with the church at age 19, through a couple of friends who had just returned from their missions. It was only a matter of days before the missionaries started teaching me the discussions. I was given a copy of the Book of Mormon and was told to pray about it. I received the Mormon "burning in the bosom," and set a date for baptism. I was told by those in the church not to worry about what others say, that the "true gospel" of Jesus Christ had always been persecuted this way. I was told to always trust the feelings that led me to the church, because those were from God.

I was baptized a member of the Mormon church July 1994. I was on fire. I read the Book of Mormon again, and again. I attended the Temple weekly to do baptisms for the dead. I paid my tithing, and obeyed all the rules of the church. I left my old friends and replaced them with Mormon friends. My only care with my family was to convert them. I was soon made a Stake Missionary which required me to teach with the full-time missionaries. My dream was to serve a mission and proclaim the "restored gospel." I soon learned that the Mormon prophet expected this of me anyway.

In preparation for my mission, I wanted to study "anti-Mormon" literature so I would be prepared for anything. The church commands its members not to, but I felt if the church was true I shouldn't have anything to worry about. What I found devastated me. After much debate and harrassment from my "Mormon friends," and promises that I would find the answers to all my questions on my mission, I agreed to go. I was called to the Texas Fort Worth Mission. As a full time missionary, I worked harder than I had ever worked before. I proclaimed the message of Joseph Smith to all who would listen. Many were converted to our teachings.

I have now been home from my mission for three months. I am in the process of having my name removed from the church records in Salt Lake City. I will be attending the Lutheran Bible Institute in Seattle this fall, with my major in Biblical Studies. I am planning to devote my life to Christ as a minister.

For those who opened their doors to me as a Mormon missionary, I would like to apologize for teaching the doctrines of Joseph Smith. And for those who physically and financially support organizations such as Watchman Fellowship, I cannot find the words to thank you. I know I have been saved by Jesus Christ, and in his name I rejoice! Amen.

Chris encountered Watchman Fellowship while serving his mission in Texas.

Copyright 1996 Watchman Fellowship, Inc. Used by permission.