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Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Salvation

Mormon Teaching
Biblical Teaching
Salvation comes through faith plus baptism plus works 1 Salvation comes only through receiving the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, apart from any work by us 2
The Gospel
Gospel = Christ’s death plus our obedience to laws, principles, rites 3 Gospel = message of Christ's complete redemptive work 4
The Only Way
The LDS church is the only way to enter the highest heaven 5 Jesus is the only way to heaven 6
There are three levels of heaven 7 There is one heaven of God 8
There is no eternal hell 9 There is a literal hell 10
For Whom?
Salvation is universal 11 Salvation is only for those who trust Christ 12
The Dead
The dead outside of Christ can get to heaven by proxy baptism 13 This life is our only chance to receive Christ 14

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