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Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Man

Mormon Teaching
Biblical Teaching
Man was a pre-existent spirit 1 Man was created by God 2
Man can progress to become a God 3 Man can be redeemed and reborn but will always be a man 4
Adam's fall was a 'fall upward'; it was not sinful 5 Adam's sin caused spiritual and physical death for all men 6
Man can marry for eternity and rule over a planet of his spirit children 7 There is no marriage in heaven 8
Man may have multiple wives simultaneously 9 Plural marriage has always been an abomination to God 10
Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods are restored and necessary 11 Jesus superceded the Old Testament priesthood - all Christians are priests 12
God's Children
All of us are children of God 13 One becomes a child of God only by faith in Christ Jesus 14

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