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Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Jesus

Bible quotations are from the New American Standard version. For information on sources of Mormon quotations, see the section titled "Mormon Documents".

1. Mormon prophets have taught that Jesus was conceived by sexual intercourse (physical union) between God the Father and Mary:

This teaching persists today:

Despite the well-documented position of previous Mormon prophets, presidents, and apostles about the nature of Christ's conception, modern LDS apologists maintain that "Christ was born of a virgin". How can they? By changing the definition of the word "virgin". The reasoning goes like this: since Mary had sexual relations with an immortal man, not a mortal man, the phrase "virgin birth" still applies.


2. The Bible teaches that Jesus was conceived miraculously by the Holy Spirit, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah that the Messiah would be born of a virgin:

God intended that the birth of the Messiah would be a miraculous event that---like His resurrection---would provide evidence to the skeptical and confirm that the Messiah was indeed approved by the Father.


3. Mormon leaders have taught that Jesus was a polygamist. Because Mormon prophets considered polygamy a righteous principle and practiced it (despite reversals in doctrine and concessions to U.S. law by the LDS Church), it is easy to see why they taught Jesus was married and had multiple wives:

Some Mormon leaders contend that the wedding at Cana was an account Jesus’ marriage:


4. The Bible makes no explicit or implicit statements about Jesus being married.

The Mormon interpretation of John 2 as describing Jesus' own wedding ignores any reasonable reading of the plain text:

The fact that Jesus did not marry during his incarnation is consistent with the New Testament claim that Jesus is the bridegroom and the church (collectively) is His bride.


5. The Mormon Church has taught that Jesus is the brother of Lucifer.


6. The Bible describes Satan [Lucifer] as a created being:

Satan cannot be a son of God if he is an angel:


7. According to Mormon doctrine, Jesus was procreated as a spirit child of the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother and later conceived physically by the Heavenly Father and an earthly mother: The Ensign, Jan. 1989, pp.28-29; Come Unto Christ by Ezra Taft Benson, p.4).


8. The Bible declares that Jesus has always existed and that all things were created through Him:


9. Mormons worship the Father and the Son as separate Gods. Mormons teach that Jesus Christ is a God named Jehovah, a different God from God the Father, whose name is Elohim.

In contrast, the Bible uses the names Elohim and Jehovah interchangeably for the one true God. The English form "Jehovah" was developed from four consonants (YHWH) from which we get the word "Yahweh," translated "LORD". The words "Yahweh" and "Elohim" are used together hundreds of times, as in: 'LORD our God', 'LORD my God', 'LORD his God', 'LORD your God'. For example: "The Lord [Jehovah] our God [Elohim] is one Lord [Jehovah]" (Deut. 6:4). See also Gen. 2:4-22; Deut. 4:1; Judges 5:3; 1 Sam. 2:30; Is. 44:6.


10. The Bible portrays Jesus as one member of the Trinity. Orthodox Christianity's established concept of God is that Jesus and the Father share the same essence (are one and the same God). A substantial part of the book of Colossians is dedicated to refuting a heresy denying Christ's Deity. A few of the relevant passages are given below in which Jesus is identified with, and acts as, God:

Statements about Jesus' Deity:

Claims by Jesus about His Deity:

Jesus allowed Himself to be worshipped, despite the biblical edict that 'only God may be worshipped' (Acts 10:25-26; Rev. 19:10; 22:9):

For more detailed explanations of the Trinity, refer to published articles by Grider and Martin, and the CARM webpage.


11. Mormon leaders teach that Jesus is our elder brother who progressed to become a god.


12. The Bible states that Jesus has existed as God eternally. Here are a few of many verses stating this:


13. The Mormon church teaches that Jesus Christ plays only an initial role in our salvation. In other words, the work of Christ on the cross is insufficient for our complete salvation (exaltation) and we must also perform works in order to be fully saved.

More information can be found in the section on salvation.


14. The Bible clearly states that our complete salvation comes only through the finished work of Christ on the cross, apart from any work on our part. One verse from the Bible sums up the problem with the Mormon concept of salvation:

This was Paul's description of the Jews but applies as well to Mormons and to anyone who thinks they need to, or can, add to the completed work of Christ. According to the Bible, our works prove we have salvation, but cannot help us attain salvation:

In contrast to Mormon leaders, in the New Testament the Apostle Paul clearly states the Gospel and salvation are without any works on our part. For specific references and discussion see the section on salvation.


15. Mormon leaders have taught that certain sins are beyond the atoning blood of Christ.

The LDS Church officially denies the doctrine of Blood Atonement now, even saying that it was never taught. Here are additional arguments to the contrary:


16. The Bible teaches that Christ's sacrifice on the cross was complete for all time and that we cannot add to it with our works:

Furthermore, the Bible teaches two very important and fundamental truths in regard to keeping the law:

A. Following the law cannot take away sin:

B. Even if an additional sacrifice would be acceptable to God, which it is not (Heb. 10:18), we are not qualified or able to add anything to our redemption, because we meet none of the requirements:

Jesus is the only one who has fulfilled all of these conditions: a) Heb. 9:22; b) 1 Peter 1:19; c) Heb. 2:14; 5:1; d) Heb. 9:22.


17. Mormon Leaders have claimed that Jesus Christ is only one of many Saviors:


18. The Bible states that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the one and only Messiah.


19. Mormon leaders have discouraged their members from pursuing a personal relationship with Christ.


20. The Bible encourages a personal, intimate relationship of each believer with Christ because He is our only source of true life:


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